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Bassett Plumbing Information And Advice

Highest Quality Plumbing Services And Advice Is Our Mission

Led by our team of Plumbing experts, the Plumbing team are all qualified professionals best plumbers in Orange County  the with the skills, experience, equipment and capability of undertaking any plumbing knowledge of different projects, large or small.
Bassett Plumbing does commercial, industrial, highrise and residential, installation and plumbing repairs.

The focus of the team is uncompromising quality  in all parts of the plumbing process;

  • Advice will be friendly, professional, relevant and honest.
  • Bassett will provide you with a professional friendly accurate info and service.
  • Materials used will be of the highest quality.
  • The friendly professional team will complete the work to the highest standard and on time.
  • Administration will be friendly efficient and accurate.
  • Problem resolution will be friendly and professional.

The quality of our services will be of the highest standard and advice is accurate

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